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A Little About Me

My name is Tom Smith and I started my small family business 'T A Smith & Sons' in 2008 on the back of 10 years' experience in installing Heating Systems for council & private contractors & property developers throughout London & S.E. England; most recently for British Gas for 3 years in all S.E. London postcodes.

Not wishing to deceive anyone, the '& Sons' refers to my 3 boys who are not yet old enough to come work with Dad, but hopefully will want to one day.

As of 2013 I've been working for myself for 5 years and enjoy being self-employed in the Gas industry, as I've met lots of interesting people, for some of whom I now work regularly and with whom I've become quite friendly. Fortunately I find myself busy with regular work locally, but when I'm not crawling about in a cellar or loft somewhere I spend as much time as possible with my young family or unwind by taking my classic '66 Cortina for a run or tinkering with it in my garage.

My Work Ethic - Proud to Do Things Properly

After spending so long working for big companies it was frustrating to experience how a lot of them treat people. What prompted me to go my own way was preferring to offer a more personal level of service to my customers and actually give them what they are paying for.

There are many types of heating/hot water systems and I know it to be invaluable to take that bit of extra time and explain the ins and outs of them and advise on what would be the most suitable for you, your family and the type of property you live in - I have witnessed numerous times the failure to do this and the consequences which have no place in my business.

Although I would always advise and prefer to use the best quality components, I'm happy to tailor an installation to a customer's budget and will never sell you any labour or component you don't need. I never employ any pushy sales talk or apply any pressure to commit to any work at any point and usually end up giving prices for the bare bones of what will get you up and running, as well as prices for the better quality materials, and list optional extras so you can see the difference between the two which is usually very helpful.

I am very protective and proud of my reputation and small time success and so usually work completely alone, ensuring that I treat customers' homes the same as my own, always clearing up as I go along and neatly laying out dust sheets and tools.

I am also something of a perfectionist, especially concerning pipework and only settle for 100% perfect every time to ensure my standard remains high. A recent random inspection of one of my installations by Gas Safe Register prompted the customer to phone me after to say that the inspector had commented that he could not fault it in any way and that it was of an "exceptional standard". A comment that I am very proud of, but believe I earnt it all the same.