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MagnaClean Installation

MagnaClean filter fitted near boiler

What is a MagnaClean filter?

A MagnaClean filter is a device that can easily be installed on the return pipework of a heating system. It is a very simple and extremely effective way of preventing sludge build-up that will almost certainly eliminate the need of power flushing in the future. It will definitely prolong the life of your system and all its components when fitted to systems that have not already been damaged.

What does a MagnaClean filter do?

In untreated heating systems, corrosion produces a black sludge of iron oxide which is gradually deposited over the years in boiler heat-exchangers, at pumps, valves, in low-lying parts of the system and in the middle of radiators due to its weight. This reduces the efficiency and performance of your system, leading to excessive gas usage and eventually to cold rooms and boiler breakdowns.

A MagnaClean would prevent this.

How does a MagnaClean work?

The MagnaClean is simply an inline capsule that houses a very strong magnetic shaft. All water passing back to the boiler is swirled around the magnet, which attracts all ferro-magnetic debris including iron oxides, catching it before it enters the boiler (where it would cause the most expensive damage).

fitting a MagnaClean

When should a MagnaClean filter be installed?

MagnaCleans are most effective when having a new boiler (or full system) installed, but can also be fitted to an existing system following a power flush. I would recommend one on most systems as they are so good at the job they are designed for.

Does a MagnaClean filter need maintenance?

The MagnaClean filter must be cleaned out at intervals, but you can do this yourself in ten minutes; annually or more often if you prefer.

What does MagnaClean maintenance involve?

magnaclean maintenance - close valvesWith the boiler turned off, the valves on either side of the filter can be turned 1/4 turn off - isolating the filter from the rest of the system.
magnaclean maintenance - remove magnetThe lid is then removed; attached to the underneath is a magnet covered by a plastic sleeve. See how the iron oxide sludge clings to the very strong magnet.
magnaclean maintenance - wash magnet sleeveThe lid and magnet are then taken to the sink and the plastic sleeve removed. Then the sludge can be freely washed off down the sink instead of helping to destroy your system and boiler from the inside.
magnaclean maintenance - replace sleeve on magnetThe sleeve is then slid back onto the magnetic shaft and is ready for screwing back on to the MagnaClean capsule.
magnaclean maintenance - replace magnetThe magnet etc is then screwed back in to the capsule and the isolating valves turned back on. 10 minutes, job done and a system free from harmful debris.