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T.a.smithandsons will only ever be liable for any pipe work, fixing or fitting (external from boiler) that the company has personally installed during the course of the agreed works. All pipe work installed will be done to current gas and water regulations and with care and precision and therefore covered by a 25 year guarantee on its soundness by T.a.smithandsons.

Any existing pipework, fitting, fixing, valve, tap, isolator, shower, cistern, tank or appliance that carries or supports water, waste water, gas, or electricity will not be guaranteed – neither can any damage caused to life or property by any of the afore mentioned components as a result of leak, flood, fire, gas escape or other damage, regardless of whether problems occur with such components either during or after works by T.a.smithandsons.

Power Flushing Disclaimer

kamco power flush

While in most cases a chemical power flush greatly improves the performance of heating systems it is impossible to know just how effective (even if at all) a chemical power flush will be until after the work is complete and the system is up and running again, this is owing to the fact that the severity of sludging and scale will be different in each property. Therefore T.a.smithandsons will never guarantee either verbally or in writing that “a power flush will solve all problems”.

Also while chemical power flushing is a clean, quiet, non pressurised process and it is highly unlikely that the flush will have an adverse effect on any components in the heating system,
    if subsequent problems are revealed or caused by the power flush or existing problems remain
    e.g. a joint leaking, a change in blocking position in a pipe, or cold spots on a radiator etc
then T.a.smithandsons are under no obligation to further rectify such problems either in with or in addition to the original quote price and so all power flushes are done at the customers own risk.