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before - leaking old boiler and pipework in Crofton Park after - new Vaillant 831 combi in Crofton Park

New Vaillant 831 Combi in Crofton Park, London SE4 - Before & After

This cupboard housed messy and leaking pipework and boiler (left). Out it all came and in went the Vaillant 831 Combi, new pipework and magnaclean shown in the second picture.

Before - this attempt at a high pressure system never worked properly - Blythe Hill After - unvented 270 litre cylinder - Blythe Hill

High pressure installation in Blythe Hill, London SE6

New Vaillant boiler in Blythe Hill London SE6 Old boiler replaced in Blythe Hill London SE6

These pictures show a 5-bedroom 3-bathroom house that required a very high pressure hot water system. The first picture shows the previous installers attempt at achieving this which had apparently never worked properly. I installed a new unvented 270 litre cylinder (properly and safely this time). Then in the cellar downstairs, I power flushed the system and re-located a new 628 Vaillant boiler 5 feet to the left. The shower is now more like a pressure washer!

Vaillant combi replacement boilerVaillant ecoTec plus 813 and magnacleannew Vaillant combi boiler fitted neatly in cupboard

New Vaillant Combi boiler in Sedgehill Road, Beckenham Hill, Catford SE6

The 9-year-old Vaillant boiler (seen on the floor) in this property worked fine but the customer wished to swap to a combi set-up, so in went a new Vaillant ecoTec Plus 831. The pipework altered, a magnaclean installed and the cupboard replaced around it.

new Vaillant 831 combi boiler with magnaclean boiler relocation to unused kitchen space big, old, ineffective and inconveniently placed

Boiler relocation for more kitchen space, South Norwood

This big old cast iron system boiler had lost interest in producting heating and hot water for its owner and so the blank wall opposite (see pic 2) made a perfect location choice for a nice new Vaillant 831 combi and magnaclean after the system was fully power flushed.

Installation of a bespoke bay window radiator, Forest Hill

chrome towel warmer radiator & fittings bespoke kinked radiator bay window radiator

Montem Road, Forest Hill: The installation of a new "made to order" kinked bay window radiator in the front room, and in the bathroom a chrome towel warmer radiator with chrome pipes and fittings

System for multi-let property in Hither Green, Lewisham

replace under-size hot water cylinder 300l hot water cylinder with 25-year guarantee boiler for replacement new boiler Vaillant 428

Hospital Way, Hither Green: This 3-storey house had 5 separate let rooms, so a much larger 300 litre cylinder was installed with a 25 year guarantee in the place of the old one, and for good measure a new heat-only Vaillant 428 boiler was installed, along with a Magnaclean, 7-day timer and 10 thermostatic radiator valves.

Boiler replacement in Longhurst Road, Hither Green

new Vaillant combi boiler precision pipework direct to boiler neater quieter pipework and more cupboard space unattached messy tubes

Along with installing a new combi at this job, I was tasked with re-running the pipework in the cupboard directly behind the boiler. As you can see, mine is not only straighter but is now actually fixed to the wall with pipe clips! Plus; with a little precision marking-out, my pipes pass through the wall at the bottom and directly into the Vaillant 831 on the other side (see pics 3 & 4).

old leaking Potterton boiler Vaillant ecoTect Pro 24 boiler London SE23

Boiler replacement in Woolstone Rd SE23

This small flat had one of my arch-enemies hidden away in a bedroom: The Potterton Netaheat! Good old boilers but a pig to remove. This one's asbestos rope gasket had failed and was leaking badly. It was evicted from its cupboard and a Vaillant EcoTec Pro 24 installed with a 7-day top of the range Vaillant timer and a magnaclean filter to catch any left-over oxide sludge that the Netaheat had left behind.

new boiler, water cylinder and magnaclean cylinder replacement scaled up water cylinder

New boiler & water cylinder, London SE6

Winsford Road: These 3 pictures show a job where a boiler downstairs had packed up and the yellow tank that it fed was heavily scaled up. Both were replaced and the new boiler relocated to above the tank along with the pump, motorised valve, magnaclean and a 7-day programmer.

boiler relocation in Ladywell, Lewisham - empty cellar boiler relocation in Laywell, Lewisham - new Vaillant

Boiler relocation for more kitchen space in Ladywell, Lewisham

The pictures show an empty cellar wall that made for a perfect relocation choice for this customer's boiler in Ladywell, freeing up space in the kitchen above.

a new combination boiler for instant hot water and more space, Kent The old cylinder filled the airing cupboard, Kent

Combi boiler for more cupboard space, Kent

At this job in Kent, the hot water cylinder and system boiler was removed and the system converted over to a combination boiler spec - giving instant hot water and freeing up cupboard space in a bedroom

fitting Vaillant ecoTec combi boiler

Fitting a new Vaillant ecoTec +831 combi boiler for Mum & Dad - labour free of course!

New Vaillant boiler in Lower Sydenham London SE26 completed Vaillant boiler and heating installation, Lower Sydenham SE26 Central heating installation in Lower Sydenham London SE26

Complete installation in Lower Sydenham, London SE26

Sydenham central heating installation - before

These four pictures show before, during and after a complete fresh heating and hot water install in a previously derelict property in Lower Sydenham, SE26

lanlords gas safety certificate spillage test Honor Oak Park, London SE23

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, Honor Oak Park, London SE23

A "spillage test" being carried out on a decorative fuel effect gas coal fire as part of a Landlords Gas Safety Check on a house in Honor Oak Park, London SE23

new Worcester combi boiler London SE6 dead Potterton combi boiler in Bell Green, Lewisham

Condensing boiler for better efficiency, Bell Green SE6

The old Potterton combi boiler in this house in Rutland Park (Lewisham, London SE6) had completely packed up, so a modern Worcester condensing combi boiler replaced it

replace old inefficient Potterton boiler new Worcester combi boiler and magnaclean filter

The pictures show an old cast iron Potterton system boiler that, along with the tanks upstairs, was removed and replaced with a Worcester combi boiler and a magnaclean system filter to protect the new boiler.

new high capacity Worcester boiler Deptford churchhuge dead church boiler Deptford Lewisham London SE8

Modern high capacity boiler for church in Deptford, London SE8

The big old combi boiler shown here used to keep the congregation of the church in Deptford High Street warm, but when it became uneconomic to repair, a new high capacity Worcester boiler (shown next) replaced it, as well as the addition of a magnaclean and a programmable timer clock.

new Vaillant ecotec boiler Forest Hill London SE23new Vaillant boiler hidden in cupboard

Vaillant boiler Forest Hill London SE23

Nice new Vaillant ecoTec pro 24kW combi boiler, neatly tucked away in a kitchen cupboard in Forest Hill, London SE23.

Sludge from power flushing Brockley SE4 System power flush in Brockley London SE4 Brockley SE4 new Worcester boiler Brockley SE4 magnaclean filter and pump

New boiler and power flush in Brockley SE4

The new Worcester 18Ri boiler shown here replaced a big cast iron floor-standing boiler that resided the last 32 years in the space below the worktop. That space then went on to house all the new external components of the system, including pump, motorised valve, magnaclean, wiring centre and digital signal receivers for the room and cylinder stats.

The next two photos show the same system being power-flushed prior to connecting up the new boiler. Note how filthy the water was!

Catford London SE6 replacement water cylinder old water cylinder Blythe Hill Catford London SE6 new water cylinder Blythe Hill Catford London SE6

New water cylinder, Blythe Hill, Catford, London SE6

Here in Blythe Hill Lane, a new pre-lagged hot water cylinder waits ready to replace the old and un-lagged one seen peeking out from the loft space, and the next two photos show the before & after of this job.

heating coil in a new water cylinder - no limescale

A sight rarely seen...

This photo shows the 'coil' inside a hot water cylinder. This one is new, but in old cylinders in a hard-water area like London, the outside of this coil grows thick with scale and lime - preventing good heat transfer to the water in the tank, resulting in insufficient water temp and unnecessarily high gas consumption. A new cylinder is the only answer in this scenario.

Brockley London SE4 - heated towel rail central heating extension

Heated towel rail, Brockley, London SE4

A customer in Brockley asked for an extension to be made to her heating circuit in the form of a chrome towel rail in the downstairs bathroom. The pipes were neatly routed along the skirting board and through a door frame and teed into existing heating pipes. Job done.

new Vaillant ecoTec+ 824 in Blackheath
...a new Vaillant ecoTec+ 824 was put in its place and neatly piped up.
power flush system on boiler replacement
The Potterton was pronounced dead, the system fully power flushed once it was removed and...
Blackheath - replace Potterton boiler
In Blackheath, this 13 year-old Potterton was noisy, inefficient and refusing to produce good hot water.

Boiler replacement in Blackheath, London SE3

Ideal Logic Blackheath Park

Boiler replacement in Blackheath Park, London SE3

With an Ideal Logic+ HE condensting combi boiler installed with a 5 year warranty, this customer in Blackheath Park wished they had never bothered to keep repairing their tired old Alpha boiler that previously was here.

Heating installation in Telegraph Hill, Lewisham boiler flue in Telegraph Hill, Lewisham hole for old flue, Telegraph Hill, Lewisham replacement boiler, Telegraph Hill, Lewisham

Neat finishing in Telegraph Hill, Lewisham

At this job in Lewisham, the left image shows the compact modern condensing boiler replacing the huge old one which left a sizeable hole in the house wall (see next right). In the last two images, it's clear how nicely the work was finished off.

new Baxi boiler in East Dulwich, Southwark

New Baxi boiler, East Dulwich, Southwark

In this boiler replacement, a modern, efficient condensing boiler was fitted to make the house warmer, and to reduce bills and emissions.

new Worcester boiler and MagnaClean in Peckham, Camberwell

New Worcester boiler & MagnaClean, Peckham, Southwark

In this job in Peckham, a MagnaClean filter was fitted along with a replacement Worcester boiler to prevent the new boiler getting clogged up with sludge.

new Vaillant boiler in Grove Park, Lewisham

New Vaillant boiler, Grove Park, Lewisham

In this boiler replacement, a modern, efficient condensing boiler was fitted to make the house warmer, and to reduce bills and emissions.

Heating installation in Eltham, Greater London long pipework run in Eltham hot water tank, MagnaClean, pump and valves in Eltham

Central heating installation in Eltham, Greater London

The left image shows the new water tank, MagnaClean filter, pump and two valves. In the other pictures you can see the long run of pipework required, and how tidily it was completed.

Vaillant boiler in Bromley, Kent

New Vaillant boiler & MagnaClean, Bromley, Kent

In the photo of this new Vaillant boiler you can clearly see the MagnaClean filter fitted below it, and the two motorised valves on the new pipework.

expansion vessel, Forest Hill, Lewisham

Expansion vessel, Forest Hill, Lewisham

New expansion vessel and pump in a boiler replacement in Forest Hill, Lewisham.

Nunhead, Southwark - airing cupboard before Nunhead, Southwark - new boiler and cylinder in the cupboard

Nunhead, Southwark

In this job, the replacement boiler was fitted into the former airing cupboard as well as the new, properly insulated hot water cylinder.

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